Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I never sleep really, and when I do it's because I've crashed. Since we produce our own stuff, we're constantly listening to ALL kinds of music. That's the cool part about Hip-Hop, you can get your influence from ANY genre. Lately, I've been listening to this band called Phoenix. I ran into their album at a record store of all places. In my opinion they're like the futuristic Beatles from the year 3032 or something. But, Check out their album "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" It's REALLY good and it's nominated for a Grammy.


For some reason since we live in Dallas,TX we get everything LAST. Man I swear, Kid Cudi's Day N' Night was out and heard a LONG time ago before it got on the radio down here, and hopefully we can change that. But anyway, welcome to Tha Write Up, where I talk about the Artist who is standing out to me and today's artist is J. COLE!!!!!

The North Carolina native is RocNation's (Jay-Z's new label) first signed artist and is a major track assassin. If you listen to his mixtapes The Come Up and The Warm Up and you'll know what I'm talking about. Just look who he's in the studio with. Yeah that's Sir Skateboard P. himself. Just take it from me and the press world, J. Cole is considered to be the next Nas, and is on fire real talk.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mac tackles A Milli

Hey whats poppin' Universe? Here's my verse for A Milli by Weezy, Tell me what y'all think.