Friday, June 18, 2010

Thank Me Later

There are very few artist that I can really relate to, like Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and now Drake. See, for me, Kanye relates to my "misunderstood-genius" self. Wayne relates to my "Whatever... I do what I want" self. Jay-Z tells my story but in a futuristic way as he talks about his past, but talks about the Ups and Downs of success and everything in between that every young person who has ambitions to be something great will have to go through. It's music that most young people don't understand but will figure out for themselves as they grow
Now, for me, Drake represents the narrative of a past and present day life and how fast it changes. In his first debut album entitled "Thank Me Later" Drake takes off from where So Far Gone leaves us. From a past story of coming up in the game to a present story of success and fast-lane living conflicting with each other. Thank Me Later has a sound of it's own with some hints of So Far Gone and is a piece that is beautifully constructed to signify a new chapter but from the same person who tries as hard as they can to remain the same as his life changes around him. I highly recommend that you buy this album.